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After School and Child Care

At Space Coast Christian Academy & Child Care we establish a nurturing, safe and Christian environment where children are provided with an early education experience that develops the whole person.

Our Child Care Programs address the following developmental needs:

  • Physical Development needs
  • Psychosocial Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Early Language Development
  • Learning Creative Expression
  • Executive Function Development

As educators, we want to give our students a chance to express themselves creatively. With that, we facilitate activities that will help them build character and discover talents. We help them make friends with peers. In short, we want to give them the best childhood experience there is.

Our Space Coast Christian Academy After School Care Programs make productive use of time after school for your kids.

  • Homework Assistance
  • Athletic Programs
  • Voice Lessons
  • Music Class
  • Math Enrichment

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