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9th – 12th Grade

At Space Coast Christian Academy 9th-12 addresses the following essential subjects:
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  • Reading and Language Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • Health Services
  • Advanced Studies
  • Electives

Using the A.C.E. curriculum, our students receive a college-ready education. A.C.E. is Biblically-based and self-instructional; this allows the student to work at their own pace. Most students stay on a steady pace and graduate at the time projected. We have had several in our school’s history who have worked efficiently, allowing them to finish early, ready to start work at the collegiate level.

Students work to receive a one of three diplomas:

  • College Prep (our basic diploma)
  • Graduate with Honors (requires a 3.7 GPS and extra credits earned)
  • Vocational Diploma (given to those who do not finish, but have completed 5 years of High School)

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